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About Us



My name is Patrick Scott; I am Diné (Navajo). I was born and raised in White Mesa, Arizona. I herded sheep, cows, and horses with my family as a young boy. I grew up primarily in the government boarding school system and mainly spoke Diné up to my senior year in high school.  After high school, I attended Haskell Indian Junior College, then Northern Arizona University (NAU). In 1995 I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Small Business Management from NAU. I started my business as a professional artist, making feather fans and carving stone sculptures. I did many art shows around the United States and built up my name in the native art business world. Around 2004, I stopped doing art shows as I had enough orders coming in outside of art shows. In 2009, I started following the three different medicine people and learned their ways. I am a hat'aalii now. I do Hozhooji ceremonies, Protection Way ceremonies, and Blackening ceremonies. Now, helping my people of White Mesa is in my heart. Building this non-profit corporation is a new endeavor for our community of White Mesa and me. 

Our Story

For decades the White Mesa community has endured unmaintained waterholes, soil, and eroding roads. In addition to United States government regulation has resulting in community building neglect and homes in disrepair. Many resolutions have passed through the Tonalea Chapter to assist the community, but very little help is received. Therefore, many White Mesa community members have lost interest in getting help from the Navajo government.

​We created this community organization to rebuild the community of White Mesa. We are taking action to rebuild the community of White Mesa. Go to the project sections, see where your donations will go.

We appreciate your help!



Providing community infrastructure in the White Mesa community to promote culture, arts, movement, and land stewardship.


Buildng our community through working together.

Contact Us

Route 21 Milepost 11.5

White Mesa, Arizona USA

Tel: 928 679 3281

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